Now Healing is not a substitute for medical care, treatment, diagnosis, or advice. If you have a medical condition, consult a licensed medical professional. Our free healings which include live calls, live and pre-recorded videos, audios, written instructions, tips, articles, etc, as well as our paid products, programs, membership subscriptions, etc, can be used as a complement to other treatments and therapies, but they do not replace any professional, licensed practitioner’s advice or care. Now Healing is not medical at all. Now Healing does not deal with the medical component of healing. Instead, it deals with the energetic and morphic resonances that are related to your larger situation. “Healing” in this context does not refer to medical cure, it means “Making Whole”.

Results are not guaranteed. Your energy will very likely shift as you use Now Healing, and this can usually be corroborated with energetic testing (aka muscle testing or dowsing) that confirms a shift from "weak" to "strong" energy. The actual results and “outcome” will be non-linear and won’t necessarily make logical sense. You may well get the results you want. But if you will be dissatisfied unless you are absolutely guaranteed a specific outcome, please do not use Now Healing, and seek help elsewhere. For best results, be non-attached to specific results. (You’ll learn how to get non-attached, in many of our programs). It’s a paradox, but in this kind of work, the more you let go of “needing” an outcome, the more likely you are to get what you need. You will likely notice improvements in many areas of your life – not only the ones you’re “trying” for. So be prepared to let go of needing a specific outcome.

See our Refund Policy, and Terms of Service.

By using Now Healing, you agree to our Terms of Service linked to above. You assume all responsibility for outcomes or lack thereof, and you hold harmless Elma Mayer and/or Now Healing.

By using Now Healing, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to this disclaimer and our Terms of Service, and that you take full responsibility for your own healing, health, decisions and actions.

California Senate Bill 577 provides that a complementary and alternative health care provider does not violate the California Medical Practice Act if certain disclosures are made:

Elma Mayer / Now Healing makes no claims of medical treatment or cure. Now Healing is not a substitute for medical care and consultation. It is a supportive and integrative system that is complementary to treatment by a licensed health care provider.  Now Healing is not a diagnostic method, medical treatment, or a cure. Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Elma Mayer is not a licensed medical professional. Now Healing does not maintain malpractice insurance. Now Healing does not (1) make any diagnosis, (2) prescribe medication, or (3) recommend that any person change or discontinue medication prescribed by a license healing arts services practitioner. The services to be provided are not licensed by the state of California. The treatment is alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state.

Training and qualifications of Elma Mayer:

  • Founded Now Healing / Integral Energetics in 2005.
  • Certified Practitioner and Instructor of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, having completed the required Levels 1, 2 and 3 Yuen Method Workshops, Internships, and Certification course taught by Dr. Kam Yuen.
  • Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner. Trained in Theta Healing and several other modalities.