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  • Ask your question during the BONUS Q&A period, after each month's Live Guided Healing Call. How to post: Type "QUESTION" in All Caps into the gray Question Box on the Current Call page. If time permits, Elma will also take callers by phone. You'll get instructions for how to do this, during the Q&A period.
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  • If you have questions about the content of a Program that you are using, or how to do a healing process, or what something means: Please complete the program first! Often, things will become clear and your questions will be answered later in the program, or you may "receive" an answer intuitively, as you continue working with the program. In addition, many of the longer programs have FAQ sections.
  • If you are a member of one of Elma's "VIP" programs, or Advanced Private Sessions, Elma will reply to your question – you have received instructions in the emails you got for your program. You can email her directly, or fill out the form below. Please tell us which program you are a member of.
  • For general questions about how to do healing, go to: the 'How to Do Healing" section of the Blog on the website.  There are tons of answers all over the website. Browse around and see what pops out at you! If you email us questions about healing, we will direct you to the portion of the website that may have the appropriate answer.

Note: Elma cannot respond to individual healing requests or prayer requests. If you need individual help, please consider a private Session with Nedi.

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